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13 December 2012

A week ago Thom Hogan suggested Nikon FX buyers hold onto their wallets at least until this weekend:

Finally, I'm going to re-issue and increase my warning: if you're in the market for a Nikon FX body, wait until at least December 15th. My warning has to do with pricing. Just as early Nikon 1 adapters are now wondering why they didn't wait, those shifting from DX to FX now may face some similar pricing displeasure. Certainly not the 50%+ drops that the Nikon 1 models have made, but if you like to preserve your Franklins (US $100 bill), have some patience. While FX bodies are doing okay, it appears that the sales are soft enough that Nikon will sweeten the deals in the US soon.

This morning, B&H and Adorama list body-only prices for the D600 at $1,996.95, the D800 at $2,996.95 and the D800E at $3,296.95.

Let the games begin!

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