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Reviews of photography products that enhance the enjoyment of taking pictures. Published frequently but irregularly.

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27 December 2012

When we designed 'Photo Corners,' we decided we didn't want to oblige ourselves to post something every day. Having run a daily news site for the insurance industry in the last century, we already knew it really isn't a one-man job. Nearly every day was going to be plenty.

But as a reader of more than a few online publications, we also knew the disappointment of seeing the same lead story for two or three days. So we came up with a pretty industry standard solution.

Our syndicated feed:

Here's how it works. You tell your RSS feed reader (which is often just your browser or email software) to check that file every so often. You can do that just by clicking on the link to it above.

When there's a new article, your RSS feed reader will display a little counter next to the feed name. When you click on it, you'll get a list of new articles, which you can click to see either the summary (the first paragraph, the way we're playing the game) or the full article. You can choose either when you set up the feed in your reader.

By following the feed, you won't miss anything we post and you'll know as soon as we post it, too.


Good idea. I enjoy reading your slightly irreverent writing style.

-- Joyce Stein

Thanks, Joyce! The RSS feed is the only way to be notified of updates to the site at the moment (primarily because it ties into our sponsorships) but we're exploring other avenues as well. -- Mike

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