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Adobe Turns Revel Free Tweet This   Forward This

19 December 2012

logo In the Good News Dept. today, Adobe has lifted the $5.99 subscription to Revel, its online photo sharing and collaborative editing software for tablets and desktops.

The new free version of the service, which replaces the 30-day trial, gives you:

  • Unlimited photo import during the first 30 days
  • A cap of 50 photos imports per month

A premium version of the service (Revel Premium for $5.99 a month) provides two benefits:

  • Import more than 50 photos a month
  • Automatically import photos added to the Camera Roll on your iPhone or iPad

You can upgrade to Revel Premium from the free Revel app. The software, it should be noted, as always been free. The subscription was for online storage.

Revel in Action. The simple Revel interface (top) showing an album displayed on the Web with auto layout when shared (bottom).

We've used the product since it was introduced (as Carousel) and reviewed it at the time. We upload images from our desktop to an album, edit the images with either the desktop of iOS version of the Revel software and share the album URL with the people in the photos.

The beauty of it is that it provides access to your images regardless of device. And not just to view them, but to edit them. We've spent many a pleasant evening with the tablet on our lap tweaking a recent shoot.

For more information, see the Revel FAQ.

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