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Faster Acorn 4 Released With New Interface, Non-Destructive Filters Tweet This   Forward This

2 May 2013

logo Flying Meat Inc. has released Acorn 4, Gus Mueller's approachable image editing software for OS X 10.8, with a new interface that invites play and stackable, non-destructive filters. The application is also a lot faster than previous versions, Mueller said.

In a blog entry announcing the release, Mueller summed up the changes:

A brand new UI, non destructive filters and layer styles merged together in one great bag of awesome, curves, much improved vector tools, and speed. And that's just some of the big stuff. There's a ton of little things which when added all together make Acorn feel and work better than it ever has.

The blog entry also has a short (1:30) demo of using the new interface to apply a couple of non-destructive filters.

Jeff Blagdon at the Verge has written a review of the new release.

During the month of May, Acorn 4 is just $29.99, before returning to its regular price of $49.99. A trial version is available on the Flying Meat site.

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