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19 June 2013

In this recurring column, we'll highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention (with more than 140 characters). This time we look at the history of color photos, a 33.8-gigapixel portrait of Prague, Google's patent for a camera in a cane and Julieanne Kost's Photoshop CC tutorials.

  • Luminous Lint has published A Concise History of Color Photography as part of its Online History of Photography. "The quest for color photography can be traced to Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre's 1839 public announcement of his daguerreotype process, which produced a finely detailed, one-of-a-kind, direct-positive photographic image through the action of light on a silver-coated copper plate." The text is spare but sufficient and accompanied by lots of examples.
  • 360Cities has released a 360-degree panorama of Prague made of 2,600 photos taken from Prague's Petrin Hill lookout tower. At 33.8 gigapixels, the image created by 360Cities founder Jeffrey Martin is 260,000x130,000 pixels.
  • GeekWire reports Google has been awarded a patent for a walking stick with an internal measurement unit whose technology might also be employed in "a cane, a crutch, a monopod, a trekking pole, a staff, or a rod."
  • Julieanne Kost has posted a set of Photoshop CC tutorials covering Lightroom 5 integration, the radial filter in Camera Raw and favorite features for photographers (say that one fast five times). She's also hosting an online Ask A Pro session Friday on Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5.

More to come...

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