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File Sync Returns To Creative Cloud Tweet This   Forward This

29 August 2013


Adobe has announced the return of file syncing to the Creative Cloud, according to an email we received today. It's been rolling out the revised feature since earlier this month.

In a nutshell, Adobe lists file syncing's benefits as:

  • Easily sync all of your creative content to the cloud, and keep the files up to date across multiple machines.
  • Browse your files from the Web and quickly access them anywhere.
  • Expand your creative options with fonts from Typekit. Choose from over 175 font families to sync your computer with a single click.

Below is the text of the email.

Thanks for your patience

Hi Mike,

When the File Sync feature was first available for preview on Creative Cloud Connection, you were one of our early previewers. We can't overstate how much we appreciate that -- as well as your patience as we took the feature offline these past several weeks to improve and rebuild it as part of the Creative Cloud desktop app.

We've just announced on our blog that file and font sync are now available in the Creative Cloud desktop app. Naturally, we think you should be one of the first customers to have access. If you have a Typekit account, this will also enable font syncing to your desktop.

Since we're rolling out access in limited batches, we're prompting people to join a waiting list -- but we've gone ahead and approved you, so you can get started using these features anytime.

Ready to begin? If you don't already have the Creative Cloud desktop app, grab it from the Download Center -- it's free with your membership. Next time you launch the app, go to the Files and Fonts panel to start syncing.

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