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2 January 2014

With our first full year in the books, we took a moment to look back at what we've done and to think about what we can do in the year ahead.

Our slight redesign of the Headlines page continued to dramatically increase readership, much as our notification of major articles to Google+ and LinkedIn had before. Pages served in December doubled those in November, which had been double our previous best. We've now delivered over 1.3 million pages at Photo Corners. We also hit new highs in unique sites and visits.

We also published 21 original images in December.

What readers found when they got here in December was nine new features, three reviews, 17 commented news items, 17 editor's notes (including 32 Around the Horn Items) and two site notes, making a total of 48 articles in December.

We also published 21 original images in December. Twelve in a Friday Slide Show and the others to illustrate various articles. We usually caption the images with the exposure data but the truth is that our post processing makes a significant difference in what you see. So we try to highlight that, too.

We think post processing remains one of the unmined treasures of digital imaging. We'll continue to shine our headlamp on it in the year ahead.

For the year, we averaged eight features a month, three reviews (counting our multi-part reviews as just one), 20 news items, 25 Horn items, 11 editor's notes and two site notes, adding up to 43 stories a month. That would make a pretty hefty monthly magazine. Vogue-size with ads, say.

Once again, we've tweaked the Archive, swapping out the vertical menu everywhere but for the current, unarchived month for the volume and number of each monthly collection. We conceived of Photo Corners as a publication, not a blog, with features, reviews and tutorials along with news items and your feedback rather than merely the personal musings of one person.

We've also run out of room for monthly links on the Archive heads, so it may now take two clicks to get to a distant monthly collection (one for the year, another for the month). The Search link always returns you to the top of the page.

As we roll up our sleeves with holes in the elbows, we want to thank you for your support and invite you to join us for another year here.

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