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13 January 2014

After closing its photo-sharing service last year, Everpix has released its "uncensored Everpix metrics, financials and slides for your perusing" at The documents explain:

With the Everpix shutdown behind us, we had the chance to put together a significant dataset covering our business from fundraising to metrics. We hope this rare and uncensored inside look at the internals of a startup will benefit the startup community.

It's not all spreadsheets and graphs, though. The venture capital presentation is included as well as notes on why various venture capitalists declined to get involved.

One prescient venture capitalist said, "You guys seem to be a spectacularly talented team and some informal reference checking confirmed that, but everyone here is hung up on the concern over being able to build a >$100M revenue subscription business in photos in this age of free photo tools."

The documents note some limitations on what could be released:

The metrics in the dataset were "frozen" as of November 6th, 2013 (the day following the announcement of Everpix's shutdown) and represent more than 90% of all available Everpix metrics. Only metrics covered by NDAs with partners or metrics exposing identifiable Everpix users information have been omitted.

But what is assembled makes for fascinating -- and rewarding -- reading.

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