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17 January 2014

PhoozL Founder Harald Johnson has announced the winners of its 2013 PhoozL Awards "based on a point system by which PhoozL Points were awarded to photographers who were chosen as Winners or Honorable Mentions by the different contest judges in all the contests."

Thousands of contest photos were submitted by hundreds of photographers and photo enthusiasts from dozens of different countries, the Awards page notes.


The 2013 PhoozL Photographer of the Year is Swedish photographer Mikael Sundberg with 600 points. Sundberg "was a Top Three or Honorable Mention in 30 of the Weekly Wednesdays contests, receiving First Place in 12 of those."

Canadian Kay Beausoleil (420) and Italian Stefano Marchi (355) followed. Charlena Cavender (290) and Lesley Ackman (250) rounded out the top five.

Not far behind at 235 points was Nancy Kichurchak, Armineh Hovanesian (185), Leka Huie (180), Sandra Angers-Blondin (170) and Don Harper (100).

Winners of the Weekly Wednesday contests are also listed on the site.


Andrew Darlow, who judged several of the 2013 contests, commented:

Congratulations to all the award winners! I really enjoyed looking through the images and reading about everyone. It's also been a pleasure judging a number of photo contests on the site over the last few years. I would also recommend taking a look through some of the "Weekly Photo Contests" if you haven't seen some of the winning and other images. All the best and keep up the great work!

Having judged a handful of contests this year ourselves, we second Andrew's appreciation of the work produced, which seemed to improve contest by contest. We've also been impressed by the PhoozL community itself, where the contestants actually encourage each other with appreciative and insightful comments about each other's work.


This month Johnson is revamping the site for 2014. While there are no active contests, he's set up a Show & Tell page where visitors the site can upload an image for discussion.

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