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17 January 2014

Considering how often we've taken the trip up to Twin Peaks, it's surprising we've never presented a slide show. It is a barren bare of hills, especially as we enter severe drought conditions here. But there's a lot to see and shoot from the top of the world.

slide show

Views From Twin Peaks. Click the thumbnail to start the slideshow.

Monday we hiked up on a new path along the right-hand side of the road. A welcome enhancement, we should add. We usually bike up but now and then we just walk to take in the detail.

We have our favorite subjects, some of which have appeared in past gallery shots of camera reviews. But we always seem to shoot them around noon. This time we were a bit earlier, on an unusually clear but quite windy morning. On a week, we should add, where the temperature was in the seventies.

We'd lugged along the Nikon D300 with its 18-200mm Nikkor and a polarizer, shooting Raw only.

Post processing was done in Lightroom 5.3 with Camera Raw 8.3. A lot of cropping. Judicious use of the sliders. Positive Clarity. Curves rarely. Lens correction. A few had to be desaturated a bit.

Spectacular views, sure, but those steps that seem to lead nowhere always get to us. And the grasses shining in the morning sunlight, too. Despite the bay and the ocean, though, it seems desert dry. And it is.

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