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28 January 2014

Thanks to Michael Turcotte, Strobist David Hobby's Lighting 101 is now available as a PDF. Like the HTML-version of Hobby's introduction to artificial lighting using electronic flash, it's free.

There have been PDF versions of Lighting 101 before. Hobby explains the difference:

But those documents were from the version originale, which was circa 2006. In 2013 Lighting 101 was completely revised, top to bottom, to be more in-depth with more updated info and featuring the photographic work of Strobist's readers.

The latest version is what Turcotte has formatted as a 63-page PDF. The 2.7-MB download is available on Google Drive.

In his post announcing the availability of the title, Hobby mentioned his willingness to entertain translations of Lighting 101. And, just to be perfectly clear, he notes that Lighting 101, is "the only module on the site for which PDF publication is permitted."

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