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1 February 2014

We've just updated our Archive with the 49 stories we published in January, completing Volume 3, Number 1 of Photo Corners. That includes 14 feature stories, 17 commented news stories, 11 editor's notes (which includes nine Horn pieces representing more than 36 items), two reviews and one site note.

One of those reviews was a five-part look at wireless storage options. The other was a test drive of a new visual story-telling app.

Think of it as the February 2014 issue of 'Photo Corners.'

We also published 38 original images, a few from our archive. Most of those appeared in three slide shows. Two, though, were panoramas in a story that detailed both how to make them and how to display them. And one turned an ordinary photo of a broken pot into an illustration.

Our commented news coverage included the Fujifilm X-T1 and Olympus E-M10 announcements but also covered Everpix's data dump and Kelby's new KelbyOne program. Not to mention the 36 other topics covered in the Horn articles that present important developments in a compact format.

The nice thing about archiving all those stories isn't putting them in the vault and closing the door. It's making them available to you like a traditional monthly magazine. Think of it as the February 2014 issue of Photo Corners. When you've finished a story, click on the "archive" link at the top of the page to go right back to the table of contents for that month.

So you can read Photo Corners either as a monthly magazine or a daily blog. Either way, we focus on news and features that won't get stale in a day or two. And is even worth re-reading.

And people are reading Photo Corners.

Readership levels remain as high as ever (final figures were not compiled as we wrote this) with about half a million pages served each month during 45 thousand visits by about eight thousand unique sites, with several of those representing RSS feed readers of multiple subscribers. The last two months have seen significantly growth. Welcome aboard!

Stay tuned! We think you'll find this month's offerings particularly enticing, starting with today's matinee.

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