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19 February 2014

Pholium, the iOS app that builds photo books, has been updated to v3.0, "our biggest update yet," the company said. The app is "easier and faster to use with more photo sources available."

The list of improvements in the 6.5-MB update includes:

  • New photo picker eliminates the need to import photos first and presents photos from multiple sources in one place
  • New and improved book wizard to simplify book creation
  • Auto-create books from recent events and photo collections
  • In-place photo editing, making it easier to edit photos in the context of others on the page
  • Crop photos directly on page spreads
  • Books shared by others are available directly in the Library
  • Add photos to the first page
  • Share and copy books created by others
  • Instagram is now a photo source
  • Google+/Picasa is now a photo source, too
  • Added a grid view option for books viewed on the Web to see all photos in a book on a single page.
  • Support for iOS 7

We reviewed the original version in April 2012. We had some qualms about the publishing model in use then (subsequently liberalized), concluding:

The publishing model aside, the app itself is a lot of fun to use. Our ebook on surfing may never see the light of day beyond our iPad but it took us back to the sparkling beach on an otherwise overcast day.

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