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26 February 2014

During the week of March 10, Camera Bits will offer Photo Mechanic, its $150 speedy ingesting software favored by press photographers, at discount prices. But to get 20 percent off during the "Speed Sale," you'll have to order on Monday. The discount drops five percent each day until Thursday, when it's just five percent.

We use Photo Mechanics every shoot. It's the quickest way we have to scan through our new images to see if we want to work on one in Photoshop or Optics Pro, or a batch of them in Lightroom.

We don't use it to ingest the image files because we rolled our own software to do that. But we do use it to see the set, examine individual images, look at a set sequentially and even run a slide show.

You can do much more than that, though (which is why we never actually reviewed the product), especially when it comes to tagging images and making small edits like crops.

So this sale is good news and worth putting on your calendar.

Camera Bits Hosts Semi-Annual 'Speed Sale' during Week of March 10

Customers can save up to 20 percent on the purchase of Photo Mechanic Version 5 during the sale week

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Camera Bits will offer a Speed Sale during the week of March 10 with savings up to 20 percent off their signature software, Photo Mechanic. Each day of the week will have a sale price offered to new and existing customers looking to upgrade their version.

"Photo Mechanic is the fastest ingesting software on the market," said COO Katie Werremeyer. "To celebrate that need for speed, we're rewarding customers who are speedy with their purchases throughout the sale week."

The Speed Sale dates and total savings are as follows: 20 percent off on Monday, March 10; 15 percent off on Tuesday, March 11; 10 percent off on Wednesday, March 12; 5 percent off on Thursday, March 13. The discounted pricing will be automatically applied during checkout at the online store on the above dates.

To learn more about specific products and purchase or upgrade a license, visit Customers with questions about licensing should contact the Sales Team at (503) 547-2800.

For Speed Sale news and reminders, follow the hashtag #PMv5Sale on social media.

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