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27 February 2014

Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist fashion photo blog sat down for a 38-minute interview with Apple Kinvara Balfour, host of Fashion In Conversation for Apple. The video of the Apple Event held earlier this month is now available at no charge on iTunes.

Scott Schuman. The Sartorialist spills.

Schuman talks about growing up in Indiana, his early career, improving his photography by photographing his kids, what subjects attract him and more. Several of his videos, all shot with the Canon 5D Mark III, are also presented in the course of the discussion.

One of the more amusing technical revelations is his discussion of image orientation. Landscape, he and his girlfriend Garance Doré discovered, works best for traditional displays but portrait orientation wins on phones.

And while the images shown during the interview were captured by his Canon, he has also shot with a smartphone and a Fujifilm X100S.

Schuman has made the world of fashion accessible to anyone and shown with his photography of various individuals all over the world that no one has an exclusive claim on it.

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