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1 March 2014

Our February table of contents has just been added to our Archive, completing Volume 3 Number 2 of Photo Corners. This is a great way to catch up with us if weather distracted you from your usual enthusiasms.

February may be a short month by two or three days but it was just as busy here as any other. Even a little more than last month.

Our editorial mix in February followed form. We published 52 stories, including 12 feature stories, 25 commented news stories (almost always earlier than other sites reported them), 13 editor's notes (which includes 12 Horn pieces representing 49 items), one review and one site note (about reviews).

February may be a short month by two or three days but we were as busy as ever. Even a little more than last month, actually.

Although the count doesn't show it, we did spend about the same time on reviews this month as usual. But our reviews take as long as they take and we have, as we said in You Must Believe In Spring, "nothing is quite routine these days."

We didn't tinker much with the site code, but we did add the 2014 index of headlines now full of January's work. We also simplified the links at the bottom of our headlines index pages so you can easily see which year you are looking at and quickly jump to another.

On the business side, we began an affiliate relationship with the DAM Bookshop, where you get a 10 percent discount using the code aff-mp-10-nx at checkout. All of our affiliate deals get you a discount while earning us a commission. If you like what we're doing but can't subscribe, please order from our affiliate links once in a while.

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