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7 March 2014

We spent a few days walking around Portola Drive wearing the Air Strap like a guitar strap. Once in a while we actually took a photo, too. What prompted that, in the gloom of the storm clouds overhead, were the early sings of spring. Things are already blooming here.

Portola. Early signs of spring.

The Air Strap was attached to a Rebel XTi with an 18-55mm kit lens (the old non-stabilized version), which captured the images in Raw files. We used Aperture Priority mode to control depth of field but many of our shots were so close that depth of field was still shallow. So we bumped ISO up as high as 800 after trying ISO 200.

The whole set of images was large enough we just imported them into Lightroom 5 and picked a few. In Lens Correction we enabled the profile corrections and removed chromatic aberration. A few required horizon straightening and some profited from a crop.

But mostly we worked on the exposure.

The Rebel exposures are a bit wind blown. Some surprisingly dark, others oversaturated, a few right on. It really pays to shoot Raw and brings things back to reality. It was a bit of work but it put us in the mood for spring cleaning.

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