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12 March 2014

Nikon has announced "Behind the Scenes," a new video series designed to "empower and entertain intermediate level photographers." The company also announced it has established a Google+ page where, in addition to its YouTube channel, you can view the video series.

The series includes a number of familiar names, including Nikon Ambassadors Joe McNally and Corey Rich and Nikon Professional Photographer Tamara Lackey, covering "lighting, lensing, posing models, shooting landscapes, working with different subjects and gearing up for a shoot."

The first video has already been released and features Joe McNally discussing the fundamentals of light and flash photography.

See the news release below for the full schedule.

Nikon Empowers Enthusiast Photographers With New "Behind the Scenes" Video Series and Introduction of Google+ Community

Nikon Goes On Location with Leading Pro Photographers to Educate and Inspire Passionate Photo Enthusiasts with New Video Series and Online Community

MELVILLE, N.Y. -- Nikon Inc. has launched the "Nikon Behind the Scenes" video series, dedicated to empowering and entertaining intermediate level photographers by equipping them with the skills they need to take their photography to the next level. The video series follows a diverse group of leading photographers into the field, including Nikon Ambassadors Joe McNally and Corey Rich and Nikon Professional Photographer Tamara Lackey. These pros provide insight on subjects ranging from lighting, lensing, posing models, shooting landscapes, working with different subjects and gearing up for a shoot.

"Nikon is committed to engaging our fans with interesting and informative content and the Nikon Behind the Scenes Video Series' is an entertaining way to fulfill this promise" said Lisa Baxt, Associate General Manager of Communications, Nikon Inc. "From the moment someone picks up their camera, they have in their hands unlimited creative possibilities and we hope this inspires them to make amazing images and videos. With this video series and the new community on Google+, Nikon is there to support photographers as they explore visual storytelling and tap into their creative potential."

Nikon Behind the Scenes

Starting with Nikon Ambassador and lighting expert Joe McNally, each featured photographer will focus on their area of expertise. In "Nikon Behind the Scenes: Light It Up with Joe McNally," McNally will be exploring what is possible with Nikon Speedlights and off-camera flash techniques. Over the course of five videos, he will show viewers how to make the most of lighting in whatever situation a photographer may find themselves in.

"Nikon Behind the Scenes: High Altitude Adventure with Corey Rich" will focus on Nikon Ambassador Corey Rich's techniques for shooting portraits, time lapse, action stills and video while high in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Whether suspended from a sheer cliff face or braving the elements, Rich's penchant for adventure can inspire others to capture their extreme shot.

Finally, the series is rounded out with Nikon Professional Photographer Tamara Lackey, "Nikon Behind the Scenes: All in the Family with Tamara Lackey." Lackey is well known for her family photography and shares some of her secrets to a successful portrait, whether it's coaxing an elusive smile from a rambunctious toddler or capturing a couples' true personality.

The first video in the series will be go live on March 11 on the Nikon YouTube channel and the new NikonUSA Google+ page. A new video on a different topic will be posted every couple of weeks to both the YouTube channel and Google+ page for viewers to check out. The new Google+ page will feature work from Nikon Ambassadors and Professional Photographers and serve as a hub for passionate photographers to share favorite photos, insights on techniques and behind the scenes stories. On this page, Nikon aims to help advanced, professional and aspiring photographers looking to further their craft and take their passion to the next level. Please find the official NikonUSA Google+ page at:

Video Series Schedule

(subject to change)

Launch Date

Video Segment

Pro Photographer

Tuesday, March 11

Nikon BTS: Reading Light

Joe McNally

Thursday, March 20

Nikon BTS: Golden Hour Expedition

Corey Rich

Tuesday, April 1

Nikon BTS: Photos with the Family and Pets

Tamara Lackey

Monday, April 14

Nikon BTS: Small Lighting, Big Results

Joe McNally

Thursday, April 24

Nikon BTS: Extreme Action Shooting

Corey Rich

Monday, May 5

Nikon BTS: Capturing an Authentic Smile

Tamara Lackey

Thursday, May 15

Nikon BTS: Using Light to Tell a Story

Joe McNally

Monday, May 26

Nikon BTS: Packing for an Outdoor Shoot

Corey Rich

Thursday, June 5

Nikon BTS: Romantic Portraits

Tamara Lackey

Monday, June 16

Nikon BTS: Dramatic Portrait Lighting

Joe McNally

Thursday, June 26

Nikon BTS: Starry Night Time-Lapse

Corey Rich

Monday, June 30

Nikon BTS: Little Kids, Big Personalities

Tamara Lackey

Thursday, July 10

Nikon BTS: Advanced lighting

Joe McNally

Monday, July 21

Nikon BTS: Action with Video

Corey Rich

Thursday, July 31

Nikon BTS: Lenses for Great Portraits

Tamara Lackey

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