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14 March 2014

Gavin Seim is offering a 50 percent discount on his Power Workflow 4 Presets for Lightroom through Monday, dropping the price to $29.50. In an email, Seim said:

To ring in the Spring, we're letting you get PW4 for just 29.50. That's 50 percent off the normal price for just a few days. We don't steeply discount it often, because it's our best seller. But I want every one of you to have PW4. I guarantee you won't be disappointed and if you are, We'll give you a refund.

Order by Monday. If you miss this deal, the price goes back up to $59 -- No coupon is needed. Just go to the site and order by Monday.

Seim previously offered a $10 discount on Workflow 4. Our story included a video demo of the suite.

We've since been working on a review, enjoying both the range of effects available and the ease of undoing them.

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