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26 March 2014

Does anyone say, "Keep your eye on the birdie," any more? Or did that go out with mechanical shutter release cables? And formal sittings, for that matter. The birdie may no longer be seen but can still be heard at least. And a little one tells us the current Canon and Nikon rebates for lenses, at least, won't be extended after Saturday.


Canon is offering savings of up to $200 on L-type lenses (the expensive ones). You can see the list at Adorama and B&H.

The company is also bundling dSLRs and lenses with savings up to $300. Those combos are also available at B&H with similar deals at Adorama on its Rebate Center page.

So you could pick up a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-105mm f4 L lensfor $3,449 plus $171, saving $550. B&H is offering just that deal.


Nikon is offering similar deals, which are also expiring Saturday.

You can save up to $400 on AF-S Nikkor lenses listed at Adorama and B&H.

And you can bundle a dSLR with lenses for even more savings at B&H. A D3100 with the 18-55mm kit lens and a 55-200mm VR lens is available for $638.95 at B&H, for example. Similar deals are accessible from Adorama through its Rebate Center page.


The camera-lens bundles also offer some free accessories like a memory card and camera bag, which enhance the savings even more. Maybe as much as $50 more. Check the listings to see what's included.

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