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27 March 2014

Ricoh has announced a photo contest featuring its Theta 360-degree camera, which the company will give away to select applicants, to document "local happenings and news stories and submit them to the engaging and interactive Web site."

Ricoh Theta

The Ricoh Theta "enables users to capture immersive imagery that truly replicates the complete surroundings of an individual," the company said. Capable of taking spherical images, the Ricoh Theta captures your complete surroundings. When viewing the image, it can be rotated and zoomed, allowing the whole scene to be explored in detail.

Ricoh describes the contest:

As part of this contest, which will run May 1 to Aug. 3, Ricoh will be giving away 360 Ricoh Theta cameras. Recipients of the Theta cameras are encouraged to approach their every-day activities and adventures with the eye of a photojournalist to capture the world around them and share it with others on a dedicated Web site.

In addition to a grand prize and two gold prizes, four monthly Most Valuable Photography awards will also be given out:

  • One Grand Prize of a Pentax K-3 18-135WR kit (Pentax is owned by Ricoh)
  • Two Gold Prizes of the Ricoh GR Limited Edition digicam
  • Four monthly Most Valuable Photography awards of the Ricoh Commander multifunction wristwatch

Anyone who posts one image a month during the contest will be able to keep the Ricoh Theta camera, Ricoh said.

Visit the contest site between March 27 and April 10 to apply for a Ricoh Theta camera.

For more details see the news release below.

Ricoh Hosts Competition Inviting Citizens to Become Photojournalists Using Ricoh Theta 360-Degree Cameras

360 Free Ricoh Theta Cameras Distributed to Encourage Citizens to Report Local News in Innovative Contest

DENVER, Colo. -- Ricoh Co., Ltd. and Ricoh Imaging Co. Ltd. are pleased to announce the launch of Spherical Report 360 (SR360), an advertisement feature on the CNN Web site. SR360 is a fun and interactive contest which equips citizens with a free Ricoh Theta spherical camera and presents them with the unique opportunity to become a photojournalist by reporting on local news and events.

Thanks to its unique design and advanced technology, the Ricoh Theta enables users to capture immersive imagery that truly replicates the complete surroundings of an individual. The resulting output presents an incredible imaging experience that expands the possibilities for journalistic photography.

As part of the SR360 contest, 360 Ricoh Theta camera units will be distributed free of charge to selected applicants to use as they document local happenings and news stories and submit them to the engaging and interactive Web site. Interested parties should visit March 27 through April 10 to enter to receive a Ricoh Theta camera.

Starting May 1, selected recipients will be encouraged to document the events surrounding them, similar to a photojournalist and post the images they've taken with the Ricoh Theta 360-degree camera to the SR360 Web site. The photo-submission contest will take place over the course of four months with a Most Valuable Photographer being selected each month. The contest will end on August 31 and images shared on the SR360 Web site will be judged by a panel of distinguished guests. From the submitted images, one Grand Prize winner and two Gold Prize winners will be selected. In addition, current Ricoh Theta owners are also invited to submit images for consideration.

Award winners will be invited to an exciting round-table discussion in September to discuss their image and inspiration and accept their award.

A full list of terms and conditions can be found at

Contest Outline

Application: The application period for the 360 units of the Ricoh Theta (limited to residents of the U.S.) will run from March 27 to April 10. The product will be delivered to the selected candidates by the end of April. (Candidates will receive the product without prior announcement.)

Those who post one image a month during the project period will be able to keep the Ricoh Theta camera after the close of the contest.

Posting Content: Images should be posted to the SR360 Web site during the image posting period which starts May 1 and ends Aug. 31. The posting of content is open to the public and is limited only to images shot with the Ricoh Theta. Posting from outside the U.S. is also accepted.

During each month of the posting period a Most Valuable Photographer will be selected and announced.

Winning: Contest winners will be selected and announced at the close of the posting period. The top three prize winners will be invited to an award ceremony and round-table discussion which will be held in September 2014, in Los Angeles, CA.

Please check details on the Spherical Report 360 special site.

  • A Grand Prize will be awarded to one winner: Digital single lens reflex camera, the Pentax K-3 18-135WR kit
  • Gold Prize will be awarded to two winners: Compact digital camera, the Ricoh GR Limited Edition
  • Monthly MVP will be awarded to four winners: Multifunction wristwatch, the Ricoh Commander)

Judging: Details of the panel of judges responsible for selecting the winners will be posted on the SR360 Web site on May 1.

Spherical Report 360 special site:

Ricoh Theta official site:

SR360 operating office:

For product inquiries, please contact Ricoh Imaging Customer Care at (800) 877-0155 or visit

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