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28 March 2014

One of the ironies of the weather in San Francisco (there are many) is that every summer a wonderful series of free music concerts is held every Sunday at Stern Grove. Sounds good? Sure, except Sundays in the summer are usually fogged in by special arrangement with the management.

Stern Grove. You need trees for a grove.

The Stern Grove Festival features world-class symphony, opera, dance, world music, jazz and more on those Sundays. Over the years the sun has peeked out now and then and we've gone early enough (quite early) to get in.

If you show up just before the concert begins, you don't get in. Crowd control bands everyone coming in and when the limit is reached, that's it. It's a long walk down to the floor of the grove, so you want to pack a lunch and find a spot on the grass or in the hills for a few hours before the music starts.

The amphitheater was dramatically renovated in 1999 with the installation a huge stone terrace on the meadow. We got some shots of it in 2008 with a Nikon D3 and 24-70mm Nikkor zoom, which are the subject of today's slide show.

These were all Raw files (which stayed NEFs because we were doing a review) but we've just pulled them up in Lightroom 5 and tweaked them, using the Profile Corrections for that lens. About the only thing the images share in common is ISO 200.

This shady retreat is open year round but restriced to the eastern side of the meadow. The western side is quite a popular dog run and even features Pine Lake, a small pond where, in prehistoric times, we sat along side with a fishing pole.

These days we travel light with just a camera.

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