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29 March 2014

Well into our second year at Photo Corners, we've started to see some subscription renewal income for which we're particularly grateful. We know 2014 hasn't been an easy year for most people.

We recently heard from one such subscriber having a tough time:

A few lines to let you know that I have cancelled my PayPal automatic payment for my subscription to your Photo Corners. Unfortunately we have a few financial difficulties at present and I need to sacrifice some of the nice things to make sure that I get things back to normal again.

Keep up the good work, it's a wonderful informative, clever and entertaining site and it's always a pleasure to read your stories.

We thanked her for being among those who have supported us and invited her to visit just as often, if only for the comic relief.

We're not big on the carrot/stick theory of motivation. We never considered it wise to protect our content with a pay wall only subscribers could circumvent.

But we are big on the tip-the-piano-player concept (in some places known as buy-the-sushi-chef-a-beer concept). That's why we ask for voluntary subscriptions and encourage your affiliate shopping.

We hope you appreciate not only what we play but how we play it.

And we're all for carrots, which is why we offer a few inducements to subscribe. We're working on new benefits for renewals at the moment, too.

It's the stick that bothers us.

We don't hit you over the head with ads or stamp our feet with repeated requests for your attention throughout the day to induce as many clicks as possible. We're not in this for the clicks.

While we may need your financial support to continue Photo Corners, what we most value is our relationship. Thank you.

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