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8 April 2014

Adobe has released v8.4 of both its Camera Raw and free DNG Converter with "new features including new preview controls, red eye correction for pets and updates to Local Corrections. In addition, this release also includes bug fixes, support for new cameras and new lenses," according to the announcement on the Lightroom blog.


New camera support includes the Canon 1200D/G1 X Mark II (preliminary), Casio EX-100, DJI Phantom, Fujifilm X-T1, Hasselblad H5D-50c/HV, Nikon 1 V3 (preliminary), Nikon P340/D3300/D4S, Olympus OM-D E-M10 (preliminary), Panasonic ZS40, Phase One IQ250, Samsung NX30/NX mini (preliminary), Samsung and Sony a5000/a6000.


Camera Raw has a few new features, as well, including:

  • Updates to the Preview Controls for a simple Before/After set of image settings
  • Pet Eye correction with the Red Eye tool
  • Changes to Local Corrections to reset all local corrections, add a Fill Image to the context menu for Radial Filter, add Check All/None buttons to Synchronize, New Preset, Save Settings, and Copy/Paste (Bridge) dialog boxes, X key shortcut using Crop/Straighten tools to flip the aspect ratio and add an explanatory note to the Lens Correction Profile pane to indicate when metadata-based lens profiles have been automatically applied to the image.
  • Content menu added to Histogram pane to enable Lab color readouts and toggle gamut clipping warnings
  • Adobe Camera Matching color profiles are now available for the Fujfilm X-A1/X-E1/X-E2/X-M1/X-S1/X-T1/X-Pro1/X10/X20/XF1/XQ1/X100/X100S.
  • New lens support for a number of optics (see the announcement)


Bug fixes include:

  • Fix bug that prevented opening Nikon D800/D800E Raw images shot with a DX lens in Live View Video mode.
  • Grain effect now varies from image to image to facilitate editing time-lapse and video frame sequences.
  • When applying Grain, occasionally vertical artifacts would appear along the bottom edge of a photo.
  • Occasionally Bridge CC would exit abruptly when browsing TIFF images.
  • Enabled Mac 32bit support so APD in Bridge is now functioning
  • Fix incorrect white balance behavior for Nikon D3100 Raw files when using Camera Matching color profiles.


The Creative Cloud app should advise you of the availability of the Camera Raw update.

DNG Converter 8.4 is available here:

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