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9 April 2014

Dropbox has announced Carousel, "a gallery for all the photos and videos from your life." The free app, available for iOS and Android, offers three main features:

  • It provides a single home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and always with you but extending storage capacity beyond your phone.
  • You can swap and share photos and videos instantly in private conversations and save the memories your friends share with one tap.
  • It automatically backs up photos and videos to Dropbox as you take them, so all your memories are kept safe in one place.

The app organizes your photos into an event-based timeline that can highlight important moments. You can share them in batches "in the same amount of time it'd take to send just one by text," according to the Dropbox blog post introducing Carousel.

While the app is free, storage space to hold all those photos may not be. You can open a Dropbox account with 2-GB free space and earn up to 16-GB free space by referring friends to Dropbox. You can also subscribed to a Dropbox Pro 100-GB, 200-GB or 500-GB plan.

Update (10 April.): Federico Viticci has published Thoughts On Dropbox Carousel.

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