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11 April 2014

We've briefly alluded to our Opening Day excursion on Tuesday. Two things compelled us to present a few of the images here as our Friday Slide Show.

Behind the Scenes. Opening Day, 2014.

The first is that they include people. Most of the time we are constrained from showing you our photos of people. When we even take them. But not so at the old ballpark.

And, you have to admit, a few of them are so well posed it seems they intended to be photographed (like that guy in the Bonds jersey).

The other compelling thing is what an excruciating job it was to pick just 12 of these from the 44 we shot. It's a lesson in editing. Not image editing but photo editing. Art direction (when that wasn't a dirty word).

The only way to do it, really, was to pick a theme from which we rarely strayed. And that theme was "together." It's the Giants organization's theme, really. But it seemed to fit these images and exclude a few of the scenics.

And just to prove how hard it was, we'll share the whole set with you. With the caution that Revel, for some reason, seems to brighten the images too much.

The Revel images only had the most basic adjustments to exposure. No cropping, no lens correction, nothing fancy. What the JPEGs would have looked like out of the camera if we hadn't been shooting Raw only.

We did use a polarizer and Aperture Priority mode. No secrets there.

And we spent some time with these in Lightroom. Mostly on the desktop, though we did work a bit with them in Lightroom mobile. But we finished the job with desktop Lightroom.

Which felt a little like going extra innings.

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