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14 April 2014

Datacolor has announced SpyderHD, a set of color management tools for both still and video workflows. The tools include the new Spyder 4ELITE HD to calibrate displays, SpyderCHECKR color reference and gray card system and the SpyderCUBE exposure reference.

The product is available for $349 directly from Datacolor and the usual retail outlets.

For more information see the SpyderHD info page and the news release below.

Datacolor Introduces SpyderHD, the Top-of-the-Line Calibration Suite for Photographers and Videographers

Integrated color management tools for imaging professionals seeking an all-in-one solution

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. -- Datacolor, a global leader in color management solutions, today announced SpyderHD, the premiere color calibration suite for advanced and professional photographers and videographers. SpyderHD is designed to color manage photo and video workflows, from scene, camera and editing, to final output.

SpyderHD includes the new Spyder 4ELITE HD integrated display calibration application; the first of its kind, with calibration functions for computer displays, video reference displays and TVs, all within a single application. SpyderHD also includes the innovative SpyderWEB, a universal mounting system that securely mounts the Spyder for calibration of most screens up to 70".

"As a photographer who has been calibrating for a long time, I understand the value of color calibration. SpyderHD is my preferred solution for tonal linearity in computer display calibration and beats my personal calibration technique for video reference display calibration," says Lee Varis, renowned Hollywood photographer.

In addition to display calibration offerings, SpyderHD includes two important camera solutions: the Relations">SpyderCHECKR, a powerful color reference and gray card system and the portable Relations">SpyderCUBE, which provides white balance, exposure, black level and highlight references in any lighting condition. Combined, these tools enable photographers and videographers to capture consistent color day-to-day and camera-to-camera, enhancing their entire digital workflow.

"There is nothing else like the SpyderCUBE; the value of it is hard to over-emphasize for defining the light sources in a shot," continued Varis. "Also, I find the SpyderCHECKR to provide all the camera color correction I need, for both photo and video."

SpyderHD is available immediately for $349 at photo and video retailers or online at For more information, visit

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