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16 April 2014




Ever feel like apologizing for doing a good job? You'd make a great reviewer. It's an inefficient process when you do it right. You lower your head and run into as many obstacles as possible. When you come to, you try to figure out if the wall hit you or you hit the wall, all the time wondering why your readers should suffer.

We have a good handful of reviews in process now (even if we only publish about three a month) plus quite a few just sprouting. But why should you suffer?


While we slowly untangle ourselves from the mess our reviewing process creates, we thought we'd share a few images from our first outing with the Lensbaby Circular Fisheye, which arrived yesterday.

Click on the thumbnail to see the larger image (which we've resized to a smaller 1000x1000), download it and open it in your favorite image editor. We've already given the Raw files a tweak in Photoshop CC but you might want to play around with the lens distortion in DxO Perspective, DxO Optics Pro, Lightroom or Photoshop.

Until they come for you with one of those white jackets.


We decided we prefer the round look, which we've cropped here into squares, losing just a little of the reflection caused by the polished barrel (which doesn't bother us as much as we thought it might; we even like it). It sort of makes a snow globe of everything, no?

We shot some close-ups (meaning 1/4-inch in front of the lens) and some real estate shots (you can get the whole room in the shot just standing in the door). But it's hard to keep our feet out of the frame with a 5.8mm focal length.

More later, but have fun.

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