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21 April 2014

Not us. We've been busy working on a review all day, revision after revision. And tweaking the full-text search code. And answering reader feedback.

JFK White Rose. As a storm moves in.

But as we finished dinner, we had to admire the full bloom of the two John F. Kennedy roses we plucked from Mom's yard yesterday just before they were about to drop off the bush. They seemed to dance in what light was left of the day.

So we put the f1.4 50mm Nikkor on the Nikon D300 and focused using Live View at f2.8, 1/250s and ISO 400, shooting Raw only. A few minutes later we had the DNG cropped in Camera Raw 8.4, with just enough Clarity to let the lines flow through the color.

After all, we did stop to smell the flowers. And to share them with you.

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