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6 May 2014

In a blog entry posted this week, photo sharing site MLKSHK announced it would shut down the service on Sept. 1 after canceling all subscriptions before June 1. "Sometimes the server and bandwidth bill are more than we took in for the month -- this is scary," the entry explained.

Subscribers can click a button to request a .zip file of all their images on their account settings page. The company is also working with the Internet Archive Team to pull the site into its archive.

The blog entry concludes:

Thank you to everyone who visited, bought a subscription, said nice things about us to your friends and of course thanks for sharing.

Thanks also to Ivan Kanevski and Mark Paschal for helping us build the thing. And thanks to Chris Ereneta, David Barry and Justin Williams for writing iOS code against our API. Also thanks to our advisor Anil Dash for helping us figure things out over the past few years.

Bye, and please keep in touch!

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