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8 May 2014

Adobe has released Adobe Voice, a new animated video app for iPad to create and share video stories you can create in minutes without filming or editing. The free app, which requires an iPad 2 or higher and iOS 7, is available now in the App Store.

To build a 60 to 90 second Voice story, you record a sentence and pick an image for that idea. Clip art images are displayed on the screen so you just tap one and continue. You can also use your own images. Music is added automatically. The intro video demonstrates the process:

You can choose among several different kinds of stories to tell (Tell What Happened, Promote an Idea, etc.) to get started. These "themes" include fonts, colors and cinema-quality animation.

Jeff Larson, a teacher at Balboa High in San Francisco, added, "The story starter functions in Adobe Voice allow my students to quickly ascertain what their intent and purpose is. It gives them a nice framework and guides them step-by-step through what they want to say."

According to Winston Hendrickson, vice president products, Adobe Creative Media Solutions, the new app taps into the company's Creative Cloud video and audio technology, making it accessible to anyone.

He added, "Our move to Creative Cloud has given us a much broader canvas for innovation and attracted many new users to Adobe. We believe Adobe Voice and other mobile apps expected in the next few months, will continue the momentum we're seeing."

See the news release below for more details.

Adobe Delivers New Storytelling App for iPad

Adobe Voice Combines Sound, Graphics, Photos and Motion to Make Engaging Video Stories in Minutes

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Adobe has announced Adobe Voice, a new animated video app for iPad that gives anyone the ability to create and share engaging video stories. Adobe Voice empowers people to inform, persuade or inspire others to action by using a combination of their own recorded voice, imagery, music and cinema-quality motion graphics and effects. Designed to help people make an impact online and across social networks -- without requiring any filming or editing -- Adobe Voice is ideal for creative professionals prototyping a project, nonprofits championing a cause, small business owners connecting with customers or students looking to create an interactive and engaging school report. Animated videos can be quickly shared via social media, email, personal blogs and Web sites by posting a single link and can be viewed on virtually any device.

Adobe Voice is available today, for free, from the App Store and leverages Adobe Creative Cloud to deliver a completely new iPad app experience.

Adobe Voice breathes new life into static presentation formats by including a user's voice and leveraging Adobe's award-winning technology. Specifically designed for the mobile experience, this new app features an easy-to-use interface and professional-grade production technology that makes crafting a clear, engaging and impressive animated video fun for everyone. Key features include:

  • Story starters and example videos to draw users into the experience with an inspirational video feed from the community; and a "wheel" of story ideas to provide helpful prompts that give meaningful structure right from the first click.
  • Beautiful graphics that can be added from a library of over 25,000 professionally designed icons, millions of images on the Web or a user's own photos.
  • A cutting-edge graphics engine inspired by Adobe's market-leading After Effects tool that automatically applies cinematic graphics to a story in real time, including motion blur, 3D, shadows and hundreds of other professional quality effects.
  • Animated themes, specially designed for all kinds of stories that can dynamically apply animation effects and make content come to life, from a dusty chalkboard drawing style to animated watercolor that looks like you're literally painting images on screen. With just a single tap, selections can be made to make videos visually interesting.
  • A selection of music to help set the right mood for the message and automatically balance with the Adobe Voice recording to make it seem like it was captured in a professional sound booth.
  • A credits and attribution page that is automatically added to the end of all videos to ensure that every Creative Commons icon or image used is accounted for, so users don't have to worry about usage rights.


Adobe Voice is available immediately as a free download in the App Store. The app requires iPad 2 or higher and iOS 7. To learn more about Adobe Voice, visit

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