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15 May 2014

Attempts to sign in to Adobe's Creative Cloud are failing worldwide with the message:, "Creative Cloud is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back later. Thank you for your patience."

Some services requiring log-in are simply reporting, "There was an error with this action. Try again later."

The outage, which has been ongoing since yesterday, does not affect Creative Cloud applications, which run from your desktop. But it does block access to online assets like fonts from Adobe Typekit. Purchases and upgrades are also unavailable.

Behance portfolios are still accessible, however.

Adobe plans to end sales of perpetual licenses June 1, making Creative Cloud subscriptions the only way to use its future products. According to the Creative Suite 6 FAQ:

Effective June 1, we are making Creative Cloud the exclusive source for all creative licensing. This means that CS6 will no longer be available under our Cumulative and Transactional licensing programs (CLP and TLP). All other Adobe products available under volume licensing, such as Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Presenter, will be unaffected by this change. CS6 will continue to be available for purchase via Electronic Software Download (ESD) on in regions where it is currently available today.

The Creative Cloud Status page is posting updates on the situation. At 10:59 a.m. today, it reported, "Users are not able to login to the Creative Cloud website due to the Adobe login issue." Visit the Creative Cloud Status page or AdobeCare's Twitter feed for the latest information.

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