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20 May 2014

Lytro has released Emotions in a Different Light, a documentary featuring the work of five photographers using the upcoming pro-grade Lytro Illum camera.

With Lytro Illum, the company said it hopes to introduce not just a novel piece of technology, but a new way to take and enjoy pictures. To demonstrate the possibilties, Lytro asked five visual storytellers to use the new camera to create a living picture gallery of emotions: hope, love, fear, rage and grief.

The five photographers include:

  • Anna Webber, commercial music and entertainment portraits
  • RomanLeo, fashion and portraits
  • Lori Nix, dioramas
  • Kyle Thompson, surreal conceptual
  • Brian Nevins, action and sports

The behind-the-scenes video follows the artists coast to coast from portrait artist Anna Webber's film noire scene in the streets of New York City to the surreal concepts of Kyle Thompson set against the drizzly woods of Eugene, Oregon.

The documentary demonstrates not just the new technology but also some issues with the concept of a variable focus (let's call it) image.

Take the photo of the woman in the white dress with the flowers in two planes in front of her. If it's a fashion shoot, the flowers are decorative and should be seen discretely out of focus framing the dress. If it's a floral display, the woman is merely a backdrop.

But can it legitimately be both? And would you let the viewer decide?

The most effective sequence in the video was the skydiving shot where focus moved between the ground and the arm of the jumper as they're about to jump. But the shift seemed to depend quite a bit on being a video sequence that changed focus for the viewer rather than let the viewer change focus.

And since the Illum doesn't shoot video, we have to assume that sequence was simulated.

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