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22 May 2014

Pixelmater 3.2 Sandstone has been released with a new Repair Too, 16-bit channel support for Mac that support OpenCL, layer locking and selection conversion to a shape. The $29.99 image editing application requires OS X 10.9 and is also available to try free for 30-days.


Among the new features, the Pixelmater team highlighted these:

  • New Repair Tool: Redeveloped "from the inside out, the new Repair Tool is built on breakthrough technology that enables removing unwanted objects or image imperfections with an unsurpassed level of quality and precision."
  • 16-bit channel support: 16-bits per channel support offers the flexibility to make color adjustments "that go to extreme lengths while keeping the image color rich and vibrant."
  • Lock Layers: When creating large and complex compositions, layer locking "makes it easy to protect layer content from any further changes so that you can freely edit the rest of your composition."
  • Convert Selection into Shape: "A handy new feature that lets you quickly and easily create all kinds of shapes from any selection."

A full list of the changes is available on the Pixelmater Release Notes page.


Pixelmater team member Ausra addressed the OpenCL requirement of the new version in a support post, noting:

Let me explain why we had to leave some of you without 16-bits per channel support.

We love bringing new features to Pixelmator, but we bring only those that are actually working. 16-bits per channel images are usually large. Your Mac's hardware is used heavily when you edit them.

Having this in mind, we still wanted to see if using other technologies we could bring the 16-bits per channel support even to older Macs. We looked for various solutions, spend some time researching, but in the end we saw no matter what we do, we cannot promise you even a so-so performance. Seeing that it would affect only a minority of Pixelmator fans, we've decided to leave it out.

We apologize if our decision disappoints you. From our perspective, we don't want to deliver a feature that works only in theory but in real life would just bring your Mac to halt.


Available as free 30-day trial, Pixelmater can be purchased for $29.99 from the App Store. It requires OS X 10.9.

For more information, see the blog post reproduced below.

Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone Is Now Available on the Mac App Store

Powerful Image Editing App Adds All-new Repair Tool, 16-bits per channel Support, and Lock Layers Feature

Today, the Pixelmator Team announced Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone, an amazing update to its fast, innovative, and powerful image editing app, featuring an all-new Repair Tool, 16-bits per channel support, and Lock Layers feature. Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone is available today as a free update on the Mac App Store.

"Packed with incredible features, Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone delivers the most empowering image editing experience Pixelmator fans have ever had," said Saulius Dailide of the Pixelmator Team. "Redeveloped from the ground up Repair Tool, 16-bits per channel support and Lock Layers feature make Pixelmator an excellent image editor that is just as fun and easy-to-use as it is powerful."

Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone features an all-new Repair Tool. Redeveloped from the inside-out, the new Repair Tool is built on breakthrough technologies that enable removing unwanted objects or image imperfections with an unsurpassed level of quality and precision. It now has three options: Quick, Standard, and Advanced repairs. These options are the combinations of sophisticated repairing algorithms aimed at achieving the best results when removing small or large objects from smooth and complicated backgrounds -- all while using four times less memory than its predecessor.

Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone brings 16-bits per channel support to the Mac. With 16-bits per channel support, you have more color data to work with and greatly reduce the risk of color banding. This means that you can make advanced color adjustments to an image while keeping its color rich and vibrant.

Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone makes it even easier to work with large and complex compositions by bringing the new and long-anticipated Lock Layers feature. Now you can simply lock certain layers to protect their content from any further changes so that you can freely edit the rest of your composition.

Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone also includes a new Convert Selection into Shape option that lets you quickly and easily create all kinds of shapes from any selection, a number of improvements, user interface enhancements, and fixes related to stability and reliability.

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