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29 May 2014

Adorama has enhanced its VIP membership program with "more perks, savings and exclusive offers," including a complimentary photo school lesson and an 8x8-inch photo book plus 30-GB lifetime cloud photo and video storage from PictureLife. The company also announced membership would be free "for a limited time," a savings of $149.

Existing members will continue to receive their current benefits, including lifetime cloud storage from Pogoplug, plus the new benefits at no charge.

For more information see the news release below.

Adorama Increases Benefits for Photographers Through New VIP Program Perks

Store photos and videos free for life through Picturelife, receive a complimentary lesson from accredited New York photography school and get an 8x8-inch photo book at no cost from AdoramaPix; enjoy these and more perks by joining Adorama's updated VIP Program

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Adorama has announced new updates to the popular Adorama VIP program, offering even more perks, savings and exclusive offers than ever before. The VIP program is an indispensable opportunity for photographers to significantly increase the value of their membership, with added benefits from the nationally accredited New York Institute of Photography, AdoramaPix, CreativeLive and Picturelife.

For a limited time, customers can sign up for Adorama's VIP program at absolutely no cost (regularly a $149 value). To join, simply visit Adorama's official VIP page. Existing VIPs will receive all new benefits at no charge on top of all previous perks and exclusive offers.

Existing VIPs already enjoying cloud storage from Pogoplug will continue to have this storage -- for life. These VIPs will also get storage for life from Picturelife at no additional cost.

What is the VIP Program?

Adorama's VIP program is the most inclusive package available for photography enthusiasts. After signing up, members can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save more with exclusive discounts and special VIP pricing on products from Adorama
  • Shop more for products that are only available to VIP members
  • Learn more through a photography lesson provided by the nationally accredited New York Institute of Photography, plus immediate download of exclusive photography eBooks from the Adorama Learning Center
  • Win more with monthly contests offered exclusively to VIP members
  • Even more additional benefits are available after your next VIP purchase, including a no-fee CreativeLive online course and a complimentary 8x8-inch 10-page hard cover, lay-flat photo book from AdoramaPix

What's New?

Make the most out of Adorama's VIP program! These exciting new perks come included with membership at no additional cost:

30-GB Free Lifetime Smarter Cloud Photo & Video Storage from Picturelife

Now, VIP members are awarded storage for a lifetime. Save memories in crisp detail with 30-GB of smarter cloud photo and video storage from Picturelife. Picturelife is the best cloud storage solution purpose-built for photos and videos, seamlessly backing up all photos across every computer and social site to give users instant access to their whole archive. Picturelife also features smart recall and sharing. More advanced features include: deep search, Raw photo support, iOS and Android apps, editing, family streams and more. Plus, the first 10,000 VIPs who opt to increase storage capacity with Picturelife will receive 20 percent off any premium plan pricing.

Complimentary Lesson From Nationally Accredited Photography School

Take advantage of an exclusive photography lesson, written and prepared by New York Institute of Photography expert photographers. Through an introductory photography lesson, VIPs will learn how to make better photos with their digital camera. VIPs simply complete the registration form and use code AFL1 at the NYIP VIP page and will instantly receive a link to download.

As an added bonus, when Adorama VIPs sign up for their lesson, they'll also get an exclusive discount of $100 off four NYIP home-study photography courses.

Free 8x8-inch AdoramaPix Photo Book

Following the next purchase, Adorama VIPs will receive a voucher to receive an 8x8-inch 10-page hardcover, lay-flat photo book from the award-winning professional printing lab, AdoramaPix. AdoramaPix's unique binding system allows page spreads to lay flat without any gutter or unsightly seam to separate the pages. Every two-page spread in an AdoramaPix book is a single unbroken sheet of premium archival photo paper. All customers need to do is upload the photos and start creating his or her own personal photo story.

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