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1 June 2014

After publishing 67 stories single-handedly in May, we were happy to see the first of June fall on a Sunday. We rested.

But we took a break from our leisure long enough today to put together the May issue of Photo Corners for you. Volume 3 Number 5 contains 15 feature articles, 27 commented news stories, 18 Editor's Notes (including 64 items of interest), three reviews and four Site Notes. Our busiest month yet, in short.

As we reviewed the month's work, a few things caught our attention.

OUR MOST POPULAR story this month was our Lensbaby Fisheye followed by our St. Francis Wood Friday Slide Show and a second look at Lightroom mobile. In fifth place was our Optics Pro v9.5 review.

Our news coverage continues to beat other sources and distinguish this publication from a blog.

Sneaking into fourth was the Harold Davis matinee, the top Saturday matinee. It's also the matinee on the list longest (a criteria that affects our Friday Slide Shows, too).

The Yosemite stories ranked very high, as well. Both the Watkins exhibit and our Friday Slide Show were also read by just about everyone.

We wouldn't expect our code-intensive story on Adding Sliding Images To Your Web Site to be read by everyone but two out of three readers did learn how to add a sliding show to their site.

And our personal piece on the Santa Barbara tragedy was appreciated by several readers there who wrote to us privately.

Our news coverage continues to beat other source and distinguish this publication from a blog. We published the news about the Creative Cloud outage before we saw it elsewhere, followed it with updates and links to Adobe's feed and followed up on it when the dust settled.

We often see stories we reported appear on other sites a day or two or even more after our report was published. And more than once we've questioned information from our sources that has lead to corrections.

WE TINKERED a bit with the site itself in May.

We warmed up with a pair of tiny tweaks, darkening our pull quotes and revising our left-column background.

In a more significant tweak we added a persistent navigation aid to our older headlines pages, which we've extended to our Archive page now, too. These are long, long pages that needed a quick way to jump around. Now they've got them.

And we responded promptly to our state Attorney General's recommendation that sites explicitly state their tracking policy (which is not quite the same thing as a privacy policy). We also implemented code on our headlines page to report how we're reading your preference. It's the only place on the site where the question comes up.

AS FAR AS readership goes, May turned out to be our third highest month, following last December and January. Not sure what happened in April (disasters across the map and reporting issues both were factors) when readership was down to last year's average levels. But it's hard to measure this stuff from logs alone.

Over the last year, we've served three million stories during half a million visits. Those seem like healthy numbers to us, especially considering the content here is not quickly consumed in a couple blinks of your eye.

Now back to our regularly scheduled leisure. See you on Monday!

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