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3 June 2014

We're languishing from the second day of a Muni sickout as an explosives suspect is arrested and a body is pulled from the bay. But the Giants and A's are baseball's best and the view, despite some ill-advised new construction, is still spectacular.

This shot is from a while ago and was nearly this color before we converted it to black-and-white and added a little cyan to it. We played around with it in Nik's Analog Efex Pro 2 but once again resorted to Alien Skin's Exposure 5, where we found that antique postcard border and added a little white vignette to age the image.

The new made old.

But the real trick to a making a city spectacular is a little less complicated and we exercised that magic early this morning.

We voted.

And if you happen to live here, you probably know there is no better day than election day to wave your flag and make your mark. And for that, we salute you. You, too, are keeping the place up.

And if you're not here, well, we wish you were!

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