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Nikon Introduces Ebonite Resin Soft Shutter Release Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

26 June 2014

Most of us just have to live with the shutter release our camera came with. We find its touch a bit insensitive or a bit too sensitive but whatever it is, we learn to live with it. Nikon, however, thinks you deserve better.

Touchy Release. Installed on the Df.

The company has developed a shutter release that features a gentle, ebonite resin top surface that will, over time, mold to your finger. Nikon noted that ebonite resin is also found in high-end fountain pens and wind instrument mouthpieces for just that reason.

But Nikon also noted, "Although it delivers individual characteristics with continued use, the surface may become frosted due to the effect of ultraviolet rays, etc. Please ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent light when not in use."

Nikon said the AR-11 can be used with any camera whose shutter-release button has a release socket that conforms to ISO standards. Threads, in short.

Lacking that, you might try Custom SLR's $4.32 ProDot shutter button upgrade, which comes in three colors (black, red and white). We gave one a spin for a while but were unimpressed.

Nikon didn't announce availability or price for the AR-11 but we've asked and will update this piece when we find out more.


Have you ever tried the Shutterbutton from Tom Abrahamson in Canada. He makes things for Leica, and the button is just great.

-- Lasse Jansson

None of our digital bodies have threaded shutter release buttons so we haven't tried any soft releases (except Custom SLR's Pro Dot, which is adhesive so it sticks to anything). But we appreciate the recommendation! Meanwhile, here's more on the subject. -- Mike

Nikon Announces Df Soft Shutter Release

Adoption of ebonite resin for an elegant look and feel that creates a unique and rich texture over time

TOKYO -- Nikon Corp. has announced the release of the Soft Shutter Release AR-11, developed for use with the Nikon Df FX-format dSLR camera.

The AR-11 is an optional accessory that may be attached to the camera by screwing it into the release socket on the camera's shutter-release button. Adoption of ebonite resin for the top surface of the AR-11 allows users to enjoy a soft and light feel when pressing the shutter-release button. Ebonite resin creates a unique and rich texture over time that melds with the finger. It is often used in high-end fountain pens and the mouthpieces of wind instruments such as saxophones and clarinets.

The combination of adoption of a material with a soft and light feel for the AR-11 and the utilization of a magnesium alloy for the elegant body and large metal mechanical dials, excellent in their ability to offer simple visual confirmation of settings, for the Df increases the superior look and feel of the camera as a precision instrument. Users can further increase their enjoyment of owning the Df with the texture and operational feel of their own camera that changes according to the way they use it.

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