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1 July 2014

We could make up a cute headline, but we'd rather get right to the June issue of Photo Corners, Volume 3, Number 6. We published 54 stories in June, of which 12 were features, three reviews, 22 commented news stories, 15 Around The Horn articles (with 61 discreet items of their own, many with multiple links), one other Editor's Note and one Site Note.

We're glad to see you like the Around The Horn format. It's been scoring higher and higher each month. We think its a very efficient way to point you to the more interesting new photographic topics on the Web.

Of course, we're also glad to see our other editorial content matters to you, too.

OUR MOST POPULAR stories this month really did outshine the others. At the top of list is our Flashpoint 180 review, followed very closely by our Illum specifications report, a story that didn't get much press oddly. Not very far behind was our coverage of Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference and Adobe's Creative Cloud 2014 coverage.

Which is just how it should be, we think.

Our Saturday matinees continue to be popular items and rank with the oldest at the top as you catch up with them. We've now screened 39 of them, which is approaching an undergraduate degree in the history of photography.

Our slide shows are right after the matinees in popularity. And interspersed among all these are various news items and Horn articles.

In short, everything is popular.

WE DEVELOPED an new table format for reporting specifications in our Lytro Releases Illum Specifications. Otherwise there were no design or software revisions to the site this month.

We just enjoyed the efficiencies of our custom content management system to again deliver the news to you promptly and accurately -- and without the cute.

YOU MAY NOT NOTICE but we do routine maintenance on the site at the beginning of every month in addition to the Archive page.

The headline page provides access to the most recent two months so we move the oldest month to the permanent headline file (links to which are at the bottom of the headline page).

And we trim our RSS Feed of one month's listings just to keep it spry.

This knocks our stats down a bit but keeps the publication performing brightly for you.

READERSHIP counts were slightly lower than last month but still ahead of April and most of last year. We designed the site to be useful on a daily basis but you don't actually have to visit to enjoy it if you use the RSS Feed.

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