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8 July 2014

We don't know what the attraction is. But it's strong. On one hand, we are endlessly amused to learn what people will pay for things. On the other, the stories behind even some of the more trivial historical objects fascinate us. Either way, we love Antiques Roadshow.

The big question is always, "When's it coming here?"

And the big answer is tucked away in the Roadshow's annual tour itinerary. During this year's tour, it visited Santa Clara on June 7.

In Treasure or Trash? 'Roadshow' Knows (as the print version headline has it, anyway), Jennifer Blot spills the beans about a collection of Edward Weston prints evaluated at the Santa Clara event.

By now, ["Roadshow" executive producer Marsha] Bemko knows that the day's televised highlights will probably include a collection of Edward Weston photographs, appraised by Aimee Pflieger of Philadelphia, at $180,000 to $260,000 (auction estimate), and a Myrick scrimshaw tooth, appraised by Allan Katz of Woodbridge, Conn., at $150,000 to $200,000 (insurance value).

Six-figure items are rare, Bemko says, and in some cities, even five-figure items are scarce.

Now you know.

Weston was the subject of our first Saturday Matinee. In our introduction to the film, we quoted Ansel Adams describing a viewing of Weston's prints at his cabin. Adams once wrote to Weston, "I believe you to be one of the greatest artists of our time -- certainly the top man in photography."

Shows based on the 2014 tour will be broadcast beginning January 2015, according to the tour FAQ. That will be the show's 19th season, which doesn't quite make it an antique. But it's a treasure nonetheless.

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