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19 July 2014

According to a blog post, Google has updated its Nik Collection of plug-ins to v1.207 with bug fixes and installer compatibility for Photoshop CC 2014. "This update will be installed in the background," the post notes, "provided your host applications (Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture) are not running and that you are connected to the internet."

The release notes for v1.207 lists these changes:

  • Viveza 2: Fixed an issue with Control Points when using Smart Objects in Photoshop
  • Viveza 2 and Sharpener Pro 3: Fixed an issue of buttons being unresponsive in the Analog Efex Pro introduction screen
  • Changed location of installer and uninstaller log files
  • Windows: added Photoshop CC 2014 installer support

The blog post explains how to check your version:

To check on your version of the Nik Collection, open a photo in either Viveza 2 or Sharpener Pro 3. Click on the Nik logo in the top right corner of the interface. This will pop up an About screen. Look for a version number ending in (2606-1), which indicates you are running the latest version.

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