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22 July 2014

InVision's free LiveShare PS broadcasts your Photoshop canvas to as many people as you want through and instant LiveShare browser meeting. Each participant gets a cursor labeled with their name and changes are live. Here's the short demo:

Invision's Andy Orsow suggests the plug-in is ideal for designers sharing comps but we thought it would fly with photographers (and especially retouchers) sharing images with clients.

The plug-in also supports live mobile mirroring so clients can participate in the session on their tablets and smartphones. "Just send yourself a link right from Photoshop," Orsow's blog entry explains, "add a shortcut to your home-screen and you're one tap away from previewing any Photoshop document on your mobile device."

Here are the instructions from the Read Me file:

Usage Instructions

There are three main features to take advantage of with LiveShare PS.

1. LiveShare: Launch an instant LiveShare meeting and share your Photoshop canvas with as many people as you want, it updates in real time, so you can collaborate on the fly.

2. Snaps: Click the camera icon to take a quick snapshot of your Photoshop canvas and share it with anyone. To re-share or find an existing Snap, look for the camera icon in the main navigation at

3. Mobile Mirroring: Click the Mobile Mirroring bar at the bottom of the extension to install a live preview of your Photoshop canvas on your smartphone.

Note: The Web/Retina/Print buttons will scale your work down to viewable state on standard (non-retina) screens. This only affects the Snaps and LiveShare features.

The LiveShare PS plug-in is compatibile only with Photoshop CC 2014 on OS X.

Update (24 July): We contacted InVision to ask about uninstalling the plug-in since there's no mention of that on the site or in the Read Me. Here's how to do it:

To uninstall LiveShare PS, please delete the following items:

/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC 2014/Plug-ins/Generator/liveshare-ps-generator.generate

(your username)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/liveshare-ps.extension

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