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1 August 2014

The July issue of Photo Corners has been archived on our Archive page. Volume 3 Number 7 includes 60 stories, including 14 feature articles, 28 commented news stories, 16 Editor's Notes (including 60 items of interest), one review and one Site Note.

Published reviews were down but that's because we've been working on some long ones, one of which we've been inclined to publish in several parts. So stay tuned. This should get interesting.

OUR MOST POPULAR story this month was the Avedon matinee, although the Davidson matinee jumped over Klein. The Erwitt matinee has only been up a few days but is already over half of Avedon, closing fast.

Our piece on the Aperture decision, quoting Yoda, was the fourth most popular story in July.

Also popular were our two Nikon Capture NX-D stories, one of which was nearly a review but we'd prefer to call it a closer look. We didn't use Capture NX-D for any real work and all of our reviews feature real work. That's the distinction.

Our piece on the Aperture decision, quoting Yoda, was the fourth most popular story in July. And our Independence Day piece and the Nike missile base slide show were right there with it.

The Academy of Sciences slide show was almost as popular as the Nike slide show.

It's still too early to judge the popularity of yesterday's story but it's one of our favorites.

We do know our review of Peter Krogh's Lightroom ebook got a lot of attention. We're glad about that because it took a long time to do it. We suspect you gained as much from our experience with a hybrid text/video ebook as our review of the book itself.

But again, stories published most recently have about half the hits of stories that have been up all month. Which led us to wonder how many stories we published last month were read this month.

The answer: 54. The most popular of which were the reviews. There's always a lot of meat on those bones, so it isn't surprisingly you might come back more than once to them.

And interestingly the matinees published toward the end of last month were more visited this month than the ones published earlier. So they do catch up.

READERSHIP counts remain incomplete until the day after the month ends but our unique sites and visits have remained constant this summer. You must be taking us on vacation <g>.

In honor of the World Cup (we nearly stopped the rotation of the earth), we'll list the top non-U.S. countries in order of hits: the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Australia, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Canada, Brazil, Ukraine, France, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, Belgium, Portugal, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Indonesia and Romania.

Let's see we had the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil but no Argentina? Interesting.

Half of our traffic is in the U.S., in case you're wondering.

WE ADDED one new affiliate, KelbyOne, and updated a couple of the older ones as well. When you click on any affiliate link or banner to place an order with those reputable firms, you also help support our efforts here. Thank you!

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