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Adobe Publishes Aperture-to-Lightroom Guide Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

4 August 2014

Adobe has just published Making the Switch from Aperture to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, a short 6-page illustrated guide for anyone interested in transitioning from Apple's Aperture to Adobe's Lightroom.

The company has also created a landing page for the topic in general. It includes links to resources and Adobe's $9.99/month subscription plan for photographers, which includes Lightroom desktop and mobile, plus Photoshop.

The Guide lists just four major steps to move an Aperture library into Lightroom. Aperture Exporter can automate the process for you, too.

The Guide also includes a FAQ that lists which metadata will not be transferred using Adobe's suggested method. This includes color labels, flags, custom metadata fields, places information, face information, books, slideshows, light tables, Web journals and Web pages.

But the big question is what happens to your non-destructive Aperture edits. Every image editor encodes them differently and stores them in various places.

Neither the Guide nor Aperture Exporter reports a way to salvage them, unfortunately. Both recommend you export edited images from Aperture as TIFFs. As the Aperture Exporter site notes, this will bake in those adjustments.

While Apple has revealed it will no longer develop Aperture, it has committed to updating it to run on Yosemite (Aperture v3.5.1, available on the Mac App Store, is required for the Yosemite beta) and promised a migration path for both iPhoto and Aperture users to its new Photos for OS X application.

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