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6 August 2014

Lemke Software has updated GraphicConverter, its $39.95 64-bit image processing application, to version 9.3 with both a host of new features and quite a few updated features.


Among the new features are:

  • An option to record mouse clicks
  • An option to export keyword palette entries as textfile
  • Support for world map coordinate display
  • An option to apply browser extension filter to folders
  • Lossy PNG export
  • Tritan colorblindness simulation
  • A change-color-usage-dynamically function
  • A concat function for all open images
  • Lens Correction effect
  • Browse Flat menu item
  • Effect "Gradient Itensity"
  • Effect "Edges"
  • Function to set the foreground color to the complementary color

Updated features include:

  • Optimized browser speed
  • Alpha channel support to multicrop
  • An option to select PDF import library
  • Improved case change options in rename dialog
  • Support for saving of grayscale images with alpha channel in PNG format
  • Improved error handling in AppleScript "convert file" command
  • Browser info pane will remember last selected tab
  • Improved save for Web dialog
  • Improved apple icon set export
  • Replace with transparency to find and replace colors dialog
  • Pressing option/alt key plus right arrow key during display of last slide in a slideshow will repeat the slideshow once
  • Checkbox to disable 1-bit BMP optimization upon save
  • Updated IPTC info in browser
  • Sutomatic inversion of scanned color negatives in DNG format from Vuescan
  • F-number change to add/edit exif dialog
  • Click on rating/label in an open picture toolbar can now modify the file directly

In addition, a number of bugs have been fixed in the latest release.

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