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7 August 2014

George Jardine is making it a little less painful to migrate from Aperture to Lightroom. At the end of his blog entry Adobe's Creative Cloud Plan for Photographers, he writes:

And if you're migrating from Aperture, just send me an e-mail request, and, and I'll gladly send you a discount code for the Library or Develop video series. Or both.

There's a link in the quote above to make life easier, but we haven't enabled it because, you know, you might enjoy reading the article itself.

We've spent a few days going through the comments at on Adobe and alternatives just to see what people are thinking.

There are some howlers there, like the one about not being able to save InDesign CC 2104 documents on your local hard drive. Just not true. So tread carefully if you visit.

One of the underlying currents in the arguments against Adobe's subscription model seems to be that Photoshop and the other Creative Cloud applications are mature. Any updates are therefore fluff. And the search for alternatives (there really aren't any equivalents but there are plenty of image editors, for example) therefore proceeds with a very skimpy list of criteria.

Jardine found himself at a studio in Aspen where the staff was laboring to supply stock photos from scans using CS6 and some old plug-ins. He noticed that "they were essentially sharpening the grain before sending out the files."

He took out his laptop and showed them how it would work with CC 2014, highlighting how to use Adobe Camera Raw as a filter in Photoshop. Which is why you'll want to read the whole story.

It makes a nice, informed counterpoint to the other discussion.

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