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7 August 2014

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention (with more than 140 characters). This time we look at World War I photographs, the Sony Alpha A7R, the Leica T and a Graziano Paiella exhibit.

  • Time Magazine's LightBox curators series features Eastman House curator Lisa Hostetler's archival survey of World War I photographs, including a discussion of her process of unearthing little-known images of a world at war.
  • Harold Davis posts his Sony Alpha A7R -- Initial Impressions. "This is a very smart camera," he writes, "and a magnificently designed machine. It is a real pleasure to hold in my hands, and the light weight of the form factor considering the resolution is nothing short of astounding."
  • Lloyd Chambers is less impressed with the Leica T, confessing, "I can't stand the T. Intensely frustrating grip with badly-placed twiddly toy controls and tiny type on a touch screen I can't see because my finger is on the spot containing the 5-point text I'm supposed to read (try reading 'JPG + DNG' if you're anywhere close to presbyopia)."
  • RAI TV director Graziano Paiella's photo exhibition Threshold runs Aug. 8 through Sept. 5 at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in San Francisco. The theme of the show is "the 'frame' as threshold: the photographer's choice of what to photograph and what to leave out, the way objects in the environment create frames, and how the concept of the frame invites new modes of perception."

More to come...

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