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1 September 2014

Summer may not be officially over but unofficially, it's in the books, just like our August issue of Photo Corners in our Archive. Volume 3 Number 8 features 61 stories, including 13 feature articles, 29 news stories, 15 Editor's Notes (including 52 items of interest), one review and three Site Notes.

That's becoming a trend, although one of these days, we'll surprise you with a batch of reviews. We have quite a few in progress, stalled with one or another issue we're working on with the vendors.

OUR MOST POPULAR STORY this month was our visit to the new Leica store in San Francisco. Not far behind, though, was our review of Exposure 6. And in the same group was our obituary of Uwe Steinmueller.

August also brought a lot of subscription renewals, including some upgrades. We're very grateful for your encouragement and support. It makes the sun shine here.

Our slide shows scored next highest in interest, with the Sundial leading the way, followed by the Last Duel, which featured an unusual (for us) application of presets. The two that have been up there the longest, naturally.

Outside 'Outside Lands' was our most popular tutorial, if a bit disguised as an assignment. Another well-disguised piece was our story on Robin Williams.

Same goes for the matinees, which were right behind the slide shows. With a late surge, Eisenstaedt overcame Wessel. Wolfe, Newhall and Cassens followed closely -- all in order of posting.

READERSHIP counts, always preliminary when we write this synopsis of the month, returned to pre-summer levels in the last few days of the month, which made this our third most active month of the year. Who knew bots took vacation?

We've served well over 3.1 million pages in the last 12 months representing 242 gigabytes of data. In the old days, we would be talking hits (4,444,553). We're supposed to be talking unique site visitors these days but that's just as misleading with visits via your RSS feed reader uncounted and all of an RSS feed's subscribers counting as just one visitor.

But we don't accept ads, so this only matters to the extent it qualifies us for review units as an industry influencer. Our credentials are well established there. It isn't an issue of how many read you so much as who reads you.

And that would be you.

August also brought a lot of subscription renewals, including some upgrades. We're very grateful for your encouragement and support. It makes the sun shine here.

We know not everyone who enjoys the site can subscribe. When it comes time to buy online (photo related or not), we'd appreciate your starting from our site's sponsored links (that big ad on the Headlines page does the trick).

And if you're not shopping, we'd still love to hear from you via the Feedback button at the end of any story. Whatever your situation, you're welcome here.

WE SPENT SOME ENERGY improving site navigation with two new tools.

We added a small navigation menu to the right of our main page that links immediately to every headline we've published as well as the Archive. So you no longer have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the current list to see older headlines.

And we developed a parade of thumbnails of some of our more important stories so you don't miss them. This remains a work in progress, though. We thought the animation would liven things up but we're not entirely sold on the effect. Firefox as well as some tablets really seem to struggle with it. It can seem more like a shooting gallery than a parade. So we're testing a few options.

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