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11 September 2014

Your new smartphone is also your new camera. You will take more photos with it than you will take with your dSLR, mirrorless or digicam. Even your scanner might feel neglected. A lot of batteries will have to learn to dissipate their charge with the Power button off. But your smartphone will go everywhere and need a charge all the time.

If has probably been agony waiting for that new device to hit the shelves and maddening to figure out which carrier to go with. But it can be exhausting to find the right case to protect your new constant companion from shattering its brilliantly illuminated screen when you inevitably drop it.


It doesn't have to be that much work. You've probably already got the idea camera case already, in fact.

Put it in a sock.

We saw this in the wild a while ago and can report it's an ingenious, nearly perfect solution to the problem. You can even customize it to reflect your own peculiar view of the world.

We were on the 1 California rabbit ears bus when a young woman took a seat across from us and parked her oversized bag on her lap. A few minutes later, she reached in and took out a sock.

Nobody paid any attention to her.

We alone continued to monitor developments on the theory that we might learn something. It mystified us that no one else on the bus showed an interest in a young woman with a sock. After all, a simple sock is what made Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop famous.

It was a thick, white tube sock. A short one, not a knee high. She slipped a gold iPhone 5S out of it. A few minutes later, when she'd finished checking her messages, she slipped it back in the sock and dropped it silently back into her bag.


We divined several obvious benefits:

  • If it protects the phone in the rough and tumble world of a young woman's oversized bag, it can handle anything.
  • It's free. At least for this application.
  • Nobody would guess it contains a hundred times it's street value.
  • Fits any model size 9-13. Nothing more accommodating, actually.
  • You can get a spare one at no additional charge.

Our young woman had selected a white model, but there's no reason you can't be more ostentatious. You might, for example, find UFOs an appropriate theme for your phone.

The only drawback we could see is wearing ear buds out of a sock. Somehow that just doesn't seem socially acceptable.

But the times they are a-changing.

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