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16 September 2014

We're taking the drone approach to covering Photokina 2014. No boots on the ground but aerial surveillance of the more important targets. We'll provide a brief description with links to official press releases and sponsored links for pre-ordering. This entry covers three new products from Think Tank Photo and two from MindShift Gear.


Earlier today, Think Tank Photo, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, announced the Production Manager 40, its largest rolling lighting equipment case, as well as the upcoming releases of the Airport International LE Classic rolling case and the Urban Disguise Classic shoulder bags.

The Production Manager 40 is a professional-strength, high-capacity rolling gear case with room for multiple flash heads, power packs, monoblocks, softboxes and light-stands. It features a gusseted front pocket for reflectors, umbrellas, cables and more and has reinforced honeycomb panels wrapped in ballistic nylon with full-length exterior slide rails for protection in transport.

The Airport International LE Classic rolling case fits in overhead bins or under the seats of international carriers to carry a 500mm f4 lens unattached, additional smaller lenses and up to two gripped dSLR camera bodies, and other photography accessories.

This limited edition version is designed to complement Think Tank's all-new Urban Disguise Classic shoulder bag series, described below.

The Urban Disguise Classic shoulder bag features the professional good looks of a briefcase without calling attention to it obviously being a camera shoulder bag carrying expensive photographic equipment. Its pass-through strap fits any Airport International roller's handle so they work together as a high-end, coordinated set.


MindShift Gear introduced two new rotating backpacks we announced this morning at the show.

The rotation180 Trail brings the company's rotation technology to a smaller, lighter pack. It fits any 1.5 liter or a 2 liter CamelBak water reservoir, a light jacket and an extra layer, binoculars, compass, trail books, maps and more. The 2-in-1beltpack can also be worn on its own for traveling even lighter.

It's a bit smaller than the rotation180 Travel Away below. Our illustrations are not to scale.

The rotation180 Travel Away, designed for global travelers and outdoor explorers traveling in unfamiliar places, has dedicated pockets to conceal a 15-inch laptop and 10-inch tablet, while the beltpack can fit an 8-inch tablet. In one swift motion, only the wearer can rotate the concealed beltpack to the front for instantaneous and secure access to cameras, passports, guidebooks, tablets, or other travel essentials.


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